New bike grin time

It’s been a 6 months of change, culminating in going freelance, and focusing on the positives in life, walking away from unhelpful people, situations and limiting social media, working out regularly, seeing a specialist Nutritional Therapist to advise on dietary changes to improve my wellbeing, and…. drum roll…… buying a new bike!!

Every year I go to the MCN show in London, and every year I sit on a white Ducati Panigale 959. Bizarrely it feels more comfortable to me than the Supersport, the only challenge being the inevitable seat height… This year I turned up properly equipped, with my Daytona Ladystar boots, a tape measure to see if the bike was not being displayed at its true height, and an expert friend who was checking what preload the bike was set up with. It was doable, slightly higher than the Monster, so I decided there and then I was buying one.

So here it is, it has an 1199 lower seat pad on it, and I have been practicing lifting my leg over my shoe rack, in order to try figure out an elegant way to mount it. First ride imminent, since the six month nuclear winter has finally gone and the sun is in the sky.

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