A review of my 2016 on my bike… 

The year started with my poor Monster having a terrible case of Tank Mumps. Due to the tank being plastic, and the ethanol in the petrol here, the paint had blistered badly, leaving it looking less than pretty, and after a few months of talking to various people about a replacement tank, I decided to sort it out myself. A new/old stock replacement tank was sourced, and I decided to fit it whilst carrying out my interim service. It was a huge improvement.



The next issue that came up was a drip from the oil filter, which got so bad on a ride to the coast, it became dangerous, and thanks to the quick actions of the guys I was riding with, it was temporarily repaired at the side of the road, and I managed to get home in one piece.

In May, I went to the Bike Shed show with some fellow Monster riders and enjoyed looking at the ingenuity and beautiful designs that some of the bike builders had managed to bring to reality, deBolex in particular had an eye catching Ducati on display.

June was all about getting ready for World Ducati Week, and getting my bike through its MOT. A slightly bent front brake lever was the sole concern thankfully, and the bike and I were good to go. WDW deserves its own post, which I’ll get around to in the next few weeks.

After Italy, I had a run through Kent with the Monster Club, and a trip to the Festival Italia at Brands Hatch, which I spent watching lovely Andrea Iannone take his premier win for Ducati, on the BT Sport app on my mobile. Of course I made a prat of myself jumping around and squealing with glee at this!

September brought the Moto GP at Silverstone, which always feels a slog of a ride on the M1, with the average speed cameras and roadworks, and the traffic leaving the site on the Sunday is always abysmal. Sadly lovely Iannone fell off whilst I was cheering him on madly, and a repeat of his Austrian victory was not to be.

Since then, I have to admit I’ve not been riding so much, bar the work commute. A combination of continuing problems with the bike, leaving me not confident in going on longer runs, shit weather and other distractions getting in the way have stopped me putting more miles on than I intended to, but once the bike has a clean bill of health and the salt is gone from the roads, I intend to get fully back in the saddle.

The next couple of months have the MCN Bike Show and the start of the racing season to look forward to, so I have a month to sort out the bike and its new annoying habit of not having the engine light go off, and sounding particularly unhappy whilst running.

I’ll have to find a new Ducati garage first! Sort the bloody electronics out…

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