No, I don’t mean being saddle sore

  • Comments from other road users of a personal nature as they don’t think you should be on a bike
  • Going to a bike show to buy performance parts and the guy behind the counter waiting to see if you have a man with you to talk to as they couldn’t possibly deal with a woman 
  • General sexism from some other bikers
  • Poor selection of gear cut properly for women (we go in and out and are not straight up and down) 
  • Getting the “women’s tax” on garage repair bills as they think it’s easier to take the piss with women. It’s happened at EVERY garage I’ve ever used.
  • The depressing sexism of motorcycle racing

There are plenty of great fellow bikers, that have gone out their way to help, in a non-threatening, non-patronising way, but geez, the dinosaurs make themselves known. And they’re fucking dull.

And sometimes it hurts 

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