The Luggage Issue 

I did World Ducati Week with a support vehicle to take my extra luggage (being away for 9 days I couldn’t manage everything in my panniers) and in September, had a weekend away at the Moto GP at Silverstone, still struggling to manage the luggage issue.

The guy I was with said to me “I think you need to rethink what you pack when you travel”. Uhm, yeah.

I have the Mandarina Duck Ducati Monster panniers, a small backpack and a Kriega waistpack. I had to pack 3 days of outfits, a hairdryer (thank you Travelodge), some palatable coffee, plus toiletries.

I thought I’d done fairly well, until said guy rocked up with a small backpack and had a solitary pair of jeans for the weekend, including to ride in. Now I struggle to ride in non bike jeans, for the fear of leaving half an arse cheek scraped down the M1, he clearly had no issue with it.

My thing is the gap between how I normally manage my wardrobe and the compromise when travelling on the bike. I don’t particularly want to spend the entire weekend in leathers, or bulky Kevlar jeans, and how should I downscale without feeling grubby? I also don’t think H&M jeans afford acceptable protection at the speed I like to “make progress” on our Motorways.

I’ll figure it out at some point, but right now anything over 48 hours away on the bike is a challenge

4 thoughts on “The Luggage Issue 

  1. Packing is a really interesting topic and I’m always interested in what others have as their list. For me it’s still being refined but the key is versatility – what can I wear in many settings. So often I’ll take 1 pair of jeans and shorts, and then a number of t shirts and a going out shirt. Oh and a light jumper.
    And that’s just cloths – what to take just in case (repairs), if you’re camping, to cook with, …


  2. Ventura tail bags, you can get a combined 90 liters or more of storage. My wife uses them on her Monster when we take the street bikes tiring or Moto camping.


    • Thanks. I did look at those, however I wasn’t keen on the big frame, and the Mandarina Duck Ducati City bags aren’t much smaller.
      Currently looking at the SW Motech Blaze pannier system for my new Panigale, for an upcoming tour of Italy… Packing lightly is a priority!


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