Testing Times

The Moto GP teams are currently midway through a two day test in Valencia to get baseline settings for all of the rider/team changes incoming for 2017.

Not since Rossi went Rosso has there been such an interest in the testing and thankfully BT Sport were broadcasting it live. Lorenzo was out pretty sharpish in black leathers, and after proceeding with care at first, seemed to bond with the Desmosedici quite happily. Smiles were exchanged between him and Stoner back in the box, indicating that Ducati may be in with a chance for the championship in 2017.

Maverick clearly enjoyed the Yamaha, perching high up on the timesheets and not looking like it was any great effort. Rossi may be getting a little twitchy about his new teammate.

And of course lovely Iannone had to turn up on the (visually)  loudest bike, with his trademark adrenaline molecule graphic, and THE MANIAC on the fairing. Turn 2 and he’s already attempting wheelies.

I’d suggest buying shares in popcorn manufacturers, as 2017 looks like it will be an unmissable season in Moto GP…

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